This year certificates in the field of “Logistics” were issued for the first time in KNEU. Students of different specialties (marketing, international economics, economics of the enterprise) had the opportunity to get the second specialization in the field of “Logistics”.

A brief excursion into history. In the 2015-2016 academic year, a logistics certification programme was launched. It is worth noting that business representatives took active part in the development of the programme. The main partner is NESTLE. It is worth mentioning other partners: Loreal, YgKontrakt, DB Shanker, Deliviry, IT Enterprise, Ecole, Fozzi Group, Raben.

Aleksey Proverov (left photo), Kiriakov Denys (right photo), Nestle

The certification programme consists of 6 disciplines: Logistics, Product Market Infrastructure, Business Modeling, Warehousing, Management of International Distribution Channels and Organizational Development of the Enterprise. Before taking the state examinations, students are trained in the Logistics program, which is part of the logistics certification program.

1 semester
2 semester
2nd year Logistics Infrastructure of
the commodity
3rd year Business modeling Warehousing
4th year Management
of international
of distribution
of enterprises
Bisiness practice
at the University

Theoretical and practical knowledge is not the only result of a certification programme. The recruitment for Masters in the specialty “Commercial activities and logistics” has been initiated. Effective logistics becomes one of the key tools for achieving competitive advantage.