Application procedure

I heard about the project “GUMLog” in our first class at the fourth semester, in the beginning of April. After Mrs. Dr. rer. pol. Irina Dovbischuk had told us about the opportunity to be a part of the project I sent her my application. It included my motivation letter, curriculum vitae, general information about my study and a selection of classes I was willing to attend in Kyiv. I also had to create a Learning Agreement, which has to be sent to the international office.

General Information

Prof. Dr. Dyma sent me further information about individual classes and possibilities for an accommodation during my stay. It was easy to go to Kyiv. There were no problems in communication between all responsible people. The flight started in Hanover, went directly to Kyiv and took just 2.5 hours. The Airport Zhulyany is close to the city so I arrived at my room within half an hour. The accommodation is placed in front of the University, so within three minutes I reached the classroom. To get into the city centre I had to use the metro which is also placed near the university.

Start of the exchange program

I started my trip to Ukraine at the 8 of September 2018. I had never been there before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Each day I attended the chosen lectures at Kyiv National Economic University which is named after Vadym Hetman. My chosen lectures included several interesting topics – I joined the courses Personal Management, International Strategies for Economic Development, Global Business, International Operation Management and Marketing Management. Due to the fact that I already passed some similar courses in Germany it was really interesting to compare the ways of teaching in different countries and also the way of teaching within the Kyiv University itself. The welcome was very friendly and I was well involved into the classes. I did not have an access to the online platform where all necessary material for class were shared but I received all documents and information via mail. The workload contained individual research, preparation of individual as well as group presentations, written assignments, reading lectures and inform ourselves about current economic activities to be able to discuss those topics in class and writing an essay, in which I was mostly free in choosing the topic. In comparison to my study in Germany the amount of the students was small – due to this fact we had several possibilities to speak and discuss with each other. This offers a great opportunity to improve our language skills. It was a new experience to study solely in English and accustom myself to a foreign culture. I realized that I became more confident in using English very quickly. It was a greate pleasure to meet Ukrainian students and professors, to share our knowledge, stories and experiences. I also met some other international students who were going to visit my hometown for a four week exchange.

Leisure Opportunities

When being in a foreign country it is important for me to learn about the local culture. So besides studying I tried to use the available time as good as possible. I really appreciated that some students showed me Kyiv. We visited historical and famous places, wonderful buildings, churches and beautiful parks. I also visited the Оpera house and some open air orchestras. Traveling around Ukraine was easier than expected. On one weekend I took the chance going to Odessa which has the most important harbour for international trade in Ukraine and an awesome city centre as well. The journey by bus took approximately five hours – this is a good and cheap way to travel. For the next trip to Lviv I chose the intercity train, which is a faster and a more comfortable way to travel. Lviv is a city in the west of Ukraine, famous for its history and unique architecture – this city is so beautiful and it is really worth a visit.

Prof. Dr. Dyma and the international office made my stay in Kyiv more enjoyable. They supported me and gave me all necessary information I needed to study successful at the Kyiv National Economic University. Due to the GUMLog-Project I had the opportunity to meet great people and made new experiences. I had never made educational experiences abroad so far and it was a pleasure to be a part of this project.