The budget of the GUMLog project involves financing student mobility, purchasing necessary equipment for conducting educational activities, and also educational literature.

In 2016, 5 multimedia projectors and 5 laptops were purchased within the project for the needs of KNEU and UNUH. 3 projectors and 2 laptops were sent to KNEU, and 2 projectors and 3 laptops to the UNUH. Equipment was installed in the university lecture halls and actively used to enhance the interactivity of the educational process for undergraduate and graduate students of the “Logistics” specialty.

Besides, in 2016 more than 100 textbooks were purchased for the needs of the project, covering various aspects of logistics and related areas. It’s worth mentioning that the educational literature, purchased within the framework of the GUMLog project, now is actively used by the teachers of KNEU and UNUH for the preparation of master degree courses that will be taught within the framework of the new master program “Logistics” that will be launched in KNEU in 2017 within the GUMLog project.


To receive up-to- date information on current trends in logistics and up-to- date news on the development of logistics in Ukraine, there was prepared a subscription to materials (articles and news) on the portal LOGIST.FM.