The representatives of the leading companies of Ukrainian market and professional association came to the Kyiv National Economic University round table on 14.06.2017. Yuliia Popova (Ukrainian Logistics Alliance), Vlad Smirnov and Olga Nusenko (Sun InBev), Olga Kachrivskaya (Raben), Viacheslav Kuzhel (Fozzy Group) and Dmytro Alyoshyn (Nestle) have joined the GUMLog meeting in order to discuss the content of future Master’s program in Logistics at KNEU.

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Preliminary, the subjects that need support by the commercial entities are: Interdisciplinary Training and New Issues in Logistics, Teaching (Study) Projects with Case Studies, Information Systems and Technologies in Logistics. Special attention of partner universities was devoted to cooperation with business. Among those things are motivation of companies to participate in the studying process and internship possibilities for the future graduates, evaluation of the existing practice of collaboration. As a target for the nearest time are the opportunities for consortia to transfer the practical experience of usage particular software technologies onto the Master’s curricula.

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