The Logistics Certification Program was set by the Marketing department in 2015-2016. It is necessary to mention the active participation of business representatives in the creation of the program, not only assessing components of the program, but holding the lectures and hold the practical lessons as well.

This year, representatives of such international companies as Nestlé and RABEN were actively cooperating with the students of KNEU. The Certification Program consists of the following 6 subjects: Logistics, Infrastructure of Commodity Market, Business Modeling, Warehousing, Management of International Distribution Channels and Organizational Development of the Company. It is important to highlight the contributions of the Department of Economics of Entrepreneurship Activity and The International Trade Department to the process of creation of Certification Program. The Program is available for students of the 3 majors: Marketing, International Economics and Economics of Entrepreneurship Activity of KNEU. An academic tour of the separating warehouse of RABEN in the December 2015 allowed students to gain practical site experience outside of the classroom.