The event covered the theoretical and practical aspects of cooperation among University of Bremen, KNEU, UNUH and representatives from the industry. The first day (12.06.2017) was dedicated to the development of the Master’s program in Logistics at KNEU. Consortia universities defined the subjects that need to be created together with the companies of Logistics field, those, that might be made together with Uman National University of Horticulture, to the subjects of this focus refer German-Ukrainian Business Culture, English language for logisticians, Logistics System Design.


One of the GUMLog project goals is the national mobility. During the meeting consortia outlined disciplines available for student exchange and the bottlenecks that need to be tackled to facilitate the process. Currently, there are four subjects with the similar content and structure in the Master’s programs curricula of UNUH and KNEU: Methodology and Organization of Scientific Research, Transport Economics, Sustainable Design and Operation of Logistics, International Transportation. University of Bremen will support KNEU with the input to the lectures of the following subjects: Smart and Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management.