Two days (24.04.2019 – 25.04.2019) Iryna Dovbyshuk, from the University of Bremen, conducted lectures in English for students, within the framework of the GUMLog program. The lecture was attended by students from three universities. Namely KNEU: Sierikova Anna, Korolkova Ksenia, Machine Julia, Kolomiyets Tatiana, Gorokhov Anatoly, Yakovenko Tetiana, Moiseenko Julia, Holovaty Alexey, Ivanchenko Vladislav, Sichkar Alyona; Uman State University of Horticulture: Suslov Valentin, Boyko Svetlana, Balkovskaya Yuliya, Belim Anastasia, Geiko Timofey, Dakarchuk Valentin, Kozak Kiril, Sevastyanova Nadiya, Sukhetskaya Kristina; and Bremen University: Natalie Baden, Louise Brillert, Deniz Patsachi, Burak Tayarer.

It is worth saying that the topics were relevant and necessary at the moment. The first day of the lecture was devoted to the international infrastructure and such an important question as the problems caused by the differences between the cultures of different people. During the event, the lecturer conducted an open dialogue with the students, despite the fact that the lecture was held in English language. All topics were really interesting and everyone had the opportunity to join the discussion of this question.

After the students had received so much useful information, they were asked to spend time together. So, during second day they worked in teams and applied in practice the knowledge about the cultural features of different nations. Participants of this event played scenes from business negotiations, parties of which were from different nations, and discussed inappropriate or unusual behavior, movements, etc. Having considered such situations from different sides, the participants of this event proved that each country is unique and original and it is necessary to respect the traditions of other nationalities. In the afternoon, we looked at the equally interesting questions, namely, “Organization of work in the warehouse”, “International trade” and “International logistics”. Students, who were considering these questions, convinced in the complexity and importance of building trade links between different countries. As a conclusion of these two saturated days, the main theses that are important for future specialists were formulated: the necessity of construction of diplomatic relations, taking into account the peculiarities of different nationalities, and creating the right trade relations.

Such cooperation is very important for all its participants. Everyone found something interesting and got the right skills for future work. These were two incredibly exciting days that everyone would like to repeat.