On April 26, 2018, at the meeting of the Academic Council of the Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University (according to the decision of the Academic Council of the University dated 29.03.2018, pr. 8), the title of Honorary Doctor of the State Higher Educational Institution “Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman” was awarded to Professor, Doctor Hans-Dietrich HAASIS.

Frankly thanking for the award, Professor Hans-Dietrich Haasis rightly said: “In logistics, I became convinced that not only investments in the economy, but also finding a common language with partners, creativity and new knowledge were important. I am sure that we will always find a common language in achieving the goals of science development. “

Traditionally, Professor Hans-Dietrich HAASIS held an open lecture for lecturers and students of Vadym Hetman KNEU on “New Trends and Challenges in Production and Logistics,” which aroused considerable interest. And this is no accidential because more than 200 listeners gathered in the audience of the university. During the lecture, the professor raised a lot of interesting issues: modern logistics, modern containers for the transportation of goods, the speed of development of social networks, the development of payment methods in the future, and many other important issues.

Professor Hans-Dietrich Haasis is Head of the Marine Business and Logistics Department at the University of Bremen (Germany), member of advisory government bodies (in particular, the Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) and NGOs from Germany and other countries, as well as member of editorial boards of international journals in logistics, infrastructure and management.

For 10 years, the German scientist has maintained close relations with our university. At the initiative of Professor Hans-Dietrich Haasis in 2008, an agreement on cooperation was signed, according to which student exchanges and joint educational programmes were envisaged. Since that time, 10 students of KNEU have received scholarships for semester studies at the University of Germany. With the support of a respected scholar, the Master’s Program “Logistics Management” was opened at KNEU Center for Master’s Studies. Professor Hans-Dietrich Haasis and his colleagues conducted a series of logistics courses and issued certificates of successful completion of the programme in addition to state-level diplomas. In addition, our lecturers – associate professor of marketing department Oleksandr Dyma (2010) and associate professor of the Department of International Economics Svetlana Strelnik (2011) – had the opportunity to conduct lectures for students of the University of Bremen.

In 2015, with the support of Dr. Irina Dovbishuk and professor Hans-Dietrich Haasis, a grant application was prepared for DAAD to receive funding for the development of the GUMLog Project (German-Ukrainian Master’s Program in Logistics). The grant allowed student and academic mobility, academic excursions and events, the purchase of equipment and specialized literature. The main goal of this project is to open the Master’s programme of “Commerce and Logistics” based on the KNEU Marketing Faculty. Based on the results of the work, 7 students, 1 post-graduate student, 10 teachers (various faculties) visited the University of Bremen, under the academic mobility program for 2016-2017. In addition, at the cost of the project, 3 projectors, 2 laptops and over 100 units of educational literature were purchased for the educational process at KNEU. Within the framework of the project, GUMLog conducted a series of academic excursions to domestic enterprises, which enhances the practical components of the educational process in our university.

This year professor Hans-Dietrich HAASIS and Dr. Iryna DOVBISCHUK are planning to take an active part in preparing students of the master’s degree in the field of Business and Logistics.

It should be noted that with the assistance of Professor Hans-Dietrich Haasis and Dr. Irina Dovbishuk, cooperation between the University of Bremen and Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman went to a new high-level – the Finance Department of KNEU also actively cooperates with Professor Dr. André Heineman.

In addition, the scientific activity of the Accounting and Economics Faculty with the corresponding department of the University in Germany is intensifying. In 2018, the University of Bremen, together with KNEU, received funding for academic mobility through the Erasmus + programme, which will further intensify cooperation with the University of Bremen.