GUMLog PhD Workshop let participants compare the PhD programs in Germany and Ukraine. PhD students of University of Bremen Arshia Khan and Vadym Chornyi introduced the structured and individual types of programs. At the workshop were discussed the application process, duration and requirements of the PhD programs, funding, thesis writing processes.

PhD student of UNUH Pavlo Bohachyk made an overview of PhD course in Ukraine, test format and defence of thesis. GUMLog team depicted the future challenges of the PhD courses, such as difficulty to assign PhD thesis to a particular discipline and new requirements that would be implemented in 2019.

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The objects of the future cooperation between University of Bremen and Ukrainian partner universities in the field of postgraduate education are the evaluation of standards and procedures of PhD degree, recommendations on getting additional skills and trainings offers for PhD students without any connection to the subject, mobility of staff and PhD students, transfer of interdisciplinary approaches to the supervisor of PhD and building of inter-departmental internal university system to monitor PhD thesis at the university.

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