In December 2018, the representatives from KNEU, UNUH and University of Bremen finalised the content and workload definition of the study curricula in logistics at KNEU and UNUH as well as discussed the suitable staff and student mobility taking into account different lecture time in Ukraine and Germany:

Lecture time at KNEU/UNUH 01. 09 – 15. 12 (winter term) + 01. 02 – 31. 05 (spring term) Exams KNEU 15.12 – 31.12, UNUH 15.12 – 31.01 (winter term)  + 01.06-30.06 (spring term)

Lecture time at Uni Bremen – periods in which instruction takes place (German: Veranstaltungszeit) vary from year to year and published here.

At KNEU, the Chair of Logistics and Commerce was opened in May 2017. It is headed by Prof. Dr. Oleksii Oleksiuk. The master program logistics is scheduled to be opened in winter term 2018/19. The bachelor program was opened in winter term 2017/18. The number of enrolled students in winter term 2017/18 was 63 students.

At UNUH, the re-accreditation of the master program took place in March 2017. It is offered in the framework of the speciality “Management” (073) as a specialisation logistics for bachelor students or as a educational program “Logistics” for master students. The number of enrolled students in winter term 2017/18 is 25 students.

Working meeting on 22.11.2017 (f.l.t.r): Dr. Nataliia Verniuk, Prof. Dr. Andrii Fedorchenko, Olha Kudyrko, Vitalii Rybchak, Prof. Dr. Oleksii Oleksiuk, Dr. Irina Dovbischuk, Prof. Dr. Oleksandr Dyma, Dr. Nataliia Petrenko and Ivan Mostoviak

The actual curricula at KNEU and UNUH can be downloaded here in English: Curricula at KNEU and UNUH (en).