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All-Ukrainian Contest of Scientific Student Works 2018

«Logistics as an instrument for increasing competitiveness of Ukrainian enterprises»

April 26-28, 2018

Organising committee 

Universität Bremen,
Chair of Maritime
Business and Logistics,
Dr. Irina Dovbischuk
(Assistant Professor)
Tel.: +49 421 218 66766
Kyiv National
Economic University
named after V. Hetman
Chair of Commerce and Logistics,
Prof. Dr. Oleksandr Dyma
Tel.: +38 099 308 64 38
Uman National
University of Horticulture,
Chair of Management,
Dr. Natalia Petrenko
(Assistant Professor)
Tel.: +38 067 684 14 90

announces the beginning of admission of student works

Relevance. “Economic growth and logistical performance are inextricably linked. The foundations of future prosperity are properly functioning and globally connected flows. For this, we need a strong freight transport and logistics industry that organizes coordinates and moves these mobility flows – safety securely quickly and efficiently.”

Dorothea Bär, 2017

Increasing competitiveness should be based on the use of logistics tools as a key part of business processes for managing materials, services, information and capital flows. Today, logistics is essential for creating visibility in the supply chain of the company, by providing tracking of the movement of goods in real time, as well as increasing revenue through the service component. Logistics ensures the structuring of operations to maximize customer satisfaction, including packaging, storage, distribution and maintenance.

The aim of the contest is the exchange of interdisciplinary knowledge within the interregional dialogue in Ukraine and the support of talented youth.

Based on successful logistics and supply chain management solutions and the actual market situation for Ukrainian companies this annual student competition covers (but not limited to) following topics:

  • Overcoming of newest trends in company’s environment;
  • Increasing of company’s efficiency through customised logistics;
  • Performance measurement of logistics processes;
  • Logistics costs and value adding processes;
  • Implementation of efficient logistics in small and medium companies (SME);
  • Efficient Consumer Response & marketing logistics;
  • Sustainable e-commerce solutions in urban areas;
  • Application of information and communication technologies in logistics;
  • Environmental aspects of logistics management in enterprises;
  • Digitalization of logistics companies: Big Data, cloud logistics and data analytics.

Requirements. It must be an original practical (based on the experience of a real enterprise) or conceptual study (based on the collection, processing and analysis of information) that meets the requirements of the structure and contains the following structural parts:

  • Introduction (study purpose statement; justification of their relevance)
  • Main part (methodological framework and analysis)
  • Conclusions (suggestions or solutions)

Maximum total amount: 10 pages (without attachments like literature list).

Ranking criteria (max. 100 points):

Phase 1: after you submitted your work (in Ukrainian)

  • Relevance of the topic – 20 points
  • Clear Research methodology – 60 points

Phase 2: If you are invited to the conference (in English)

  • Presentation & Discussion – 20 points

Deadlines and procedures:

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